The History of Dublin on One Platform

Dublin Discovery Trails is a first of its kind immersive heritage and story telling platform which was developed by Dublin City Council in partnership with Fáilte Ireland.

What does the app do?

Impressive Augmented Reality portals that transport you back in time, immersing you in historical scenes and shocking events from Dublin's past.

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Balbriggan Heritage Trail

Explore the town trail and discover more about Balbriggan's industrial past; uncovering hidden stories of the fascinating people, places and events that shaped this unique coastal town through the centuries

Doors into Docklands

Discover the unique places and friendly faces- past and present- that have made Docklands a lively hub of activity for centuries.

Explore the City's maritime history, visit fascinating landmarks and heritage sites and unlock impressible virtual experiences along the way.


Heritage Trail

Explore the fascinating heritage of this leafy corner of Dublin West with Phoenix Park on its doorstep.

This Dublin suburb beautifully blends the old with the new. It also boasts some of the best sporting traditions and facilities in Fingal.

This heritage trail will take you on a journey through the rich history and stunning natural beauty of Castleknock and its surroundings!



Located in the foothilss of the Dublin Mountains, and traversed by the River Dodder, flowing from the nearby picturesque Bohernabreena Reservoir, is the county town of South Dublin.

Tallagh is your base to escape into the Dublin’s Great Outdoors -- The DUblin Mountains Way starts in Tallaght and offers stunning city vistas along a 42km trail through forests and mountains and back to Dublin Bay.

Dún Laoghaire


In Summer of 2021, a host of street artists arrived in Dún Laoghaire to turn the town’s streets into an open air canvas.

The result was Dún Laoghaire Anseo, which saw fifteen walls transformed by some stunning pieces of art that brightened the streets of the town.

Explore 27 pieces of street art that pays homage to people or events in this seaside town’s 200+ year old history.

Dún Laoghaire

Harbour Trail

Construction of these great piers began in 1817. A safe harbour and earliy railway led to growth of the fishing village of Dunleary to become Victorian Kingstown, renames Dún Laoghaire in 1921.

Experience the rich history and learn more about the development of Dún Laoghaire harbour.

Clondalkin Heritage Trail

Clondalkin has historically guarded the inland pass between the mountains and the river. This advantageous location first attracted Neolithic settlers around 7,600 BC.

Visible from all directions, the dominant freature of Clondalkin Village is its round tower. It is thought to have been built in the 8th century AD.

Enjoy Clondalkin Village Festival in June to get a taste of a traditional Irish experience.

Rathfarnham Trail

The picturesque Rathfarnham in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains and close to the River Dodder.

The name comes from the Irish “Ráth Fearnáin”, roughly translated as “the fort of alders”, a plant species that can be found growing nearby River Dodder.

From the historical tours of the Pearse Museum and Rathfarnham to the stunning forests of the Dublin Mountains, Rathfarnham offers a way to escape the city.

Malahide Village Trail

Welcome to Malahide, where history comes alive amidst stunning coastal beauty.

Discover the enchanting charm of Malahide Castle or stroll along the picturesque coastline, taking in breathtaking views of the Irish Sea.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of this historic town, where quaint village streets lead to hidden gems waiting to be uncovered.

Experience the magic of Malahide, where every step is a journey through time.